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Widget that enables the modification of geometry and/or attributes of existing features on vector layers on the map.


This widget can’t be drawn with the drawWidget(s) template(s). Instead, it must be added to the GeoExtToolbar widget using its __featurepanel__ widget tag value.

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Mandatory Options

Optional Options

editgeom:(Boolean). Defaults to ‘true’. Whether the widget should enable geometry editing or not.
featurepanel:The name of the featurepanel widget (of any kind) to display to edit the attributes (fields) of features. If none was provided, then the attributes can’t be edited.
 The options for the OpenLayers control to be created. Can have any <OpenLayers property>value</OpenLayers property> tag of the corresponding Control created, i.e. SelectFeature (editgeom: false) or ModifyFeature (editgeom: true).
text:The text to display for the item menu of the toolbar. You can also define a text node in the datastore params instead.

Resource Options


(String) Only used if this widget has no ‘featurepanel’ option set. After inserting a single feature, open a window containing what this method returns.


This widget can do ‘insert’ commits when an other editfeature widget has the toogleEdit option set, which delegates the commit to this widget.


(Integer) If set, defines the height of the window opened after a single insert. Only used when “selectorMethod” resource option is set.


(Integer) If set, defines the width of the window opened after a single insert. Only used when “selectorMethod” resource option is set.

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