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editfeature is not a widget.

It’s used as a parent for the following widgets :
  • editfeature_create
  • editfeature_update
  • editfeature_delete
In more details, EditFeature is used :
  • as a container for these 3 widgets (these widget’s directories are located in the editfeature directory)
  • to provide a superclass js file commonly used by these 3 widgets (they extend from it).

In general, edition widgets enable creation, modification and deletion of features on the map. Currently, they support the featureserver service type only. The mapfish.Protocol.MapFish is used in all vector layers created by GeoPrisma so that they can create the according CRUD request strings.

Edition widget edit two things :

  • geometry : to edit a feature’s geometry, set editgeom to true.
  • attributes : to edit a feature’s attributes, configure and set a featurepanel widget.

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