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A button that, when activated, allow the user to click the map on WMS or Vector features (fetched with WFS) (only one at a time) and display a single popup displaying custom content about the first feature clicked.

The content of the popup is controlled by the ‘templatepopup’ resource option.

XML Sample

Sample configuration


drawWidget Sample

This widget doesn’t need to be drawn, but must be added to the toolbar.

Mandatory Options

title:(String) Popup title.
serviceName:(String) Name of service to use to build URL. Can normally be either a wms or wfs service, but wfs services are not currently supported.
queryVisible:(boolean) Defaults to ‘true’. Set to ‘false’ to only query all available layers, ignoring visibility status.

Optional Options


Resource Options

templatepopup:(String) Mandatory. Content used to compile a new Ext.XTemplate object to display in the popup. Each resource that wants their according layer to display a popup must define this option.

Service Type

  • wms
  • wfs

Widget Action


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