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Widget that prints the current view with the selected layers in a PDF file.


This widget can’t be drawn with the drawWidget template. Instead, it must be added to one of the toolbar widgets :

  • Toolbar
  • GeoExtToolbar


A mapfish PrintServer must be installed to generate the file. Full documentation is available here : Print Module Installation

XML Sample

Sample configuration

        <model>Letter Portrait</model>

XML Sample - widget to be added to a toolbar

This widget must be added to a GeoExtToolbar widget


Mandatory Options

templates:Contains <template> tags.
 Must be in the <templates> tag. List of usable templates in the Print Servlet config file

==== <template> options ==== :name: Name to be written under the template thumbnail. :model: Name of the corresponding layout in the config.yaml of the PrintServlet. :thumb: Path to the thumbnail of the template. :fields: Contains <field> tags. :fields/field: Must be in the <fields> tag. List of fields to insert in the template. All fields set in the config.yaml must be reflected in here. :fields/field/type: Type of the fields. May be : text, hidden, textarea :fields/field/name: Name of the field. Must be the same name in the config.yaml. :fields/field/label: Lable for the field. Will be ignored if the type was set to hidden.

Optional Options

 Default value for the field.
dpi:Integer value representing the printing resolution in dots per inch; must be in the set of dpi’s allowed by the print server; if not set, default value is 96

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