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This is the widget that creates the OpenLayers.Map and GeoExt.MapPanel widgets.


It replaces and deprecates the Map widget.

Initial map center/extent

You can set the initial center or extent of the map using one of the following combinaison of options :

  • centerString and zoom
  • extentString

See below for more details.


If you don’t set one of these combinaisons, then the initial extent of the map will be equal to its max extent.


If you’re using the XMLWorkspaceConfig driver, it’s possible to override the above options inside the workspace mappaneloptions tag. This way, you can have a unique initial map center/extent for each workspace.

Here’s a example :

    <centerString>1682372,220446</centerString> <!-- overrides mappanel "centerString" option -->
    <zoom>3</zoom> <!-- overrides mappanel "zoom" option -->


You can override any mappanel option defined below that way when using the XMLWorkpaceConfig driver.

XML Sample

Sample configuration.


How to ‘draw’ the widget

This widget must be drawn using the drawWidgets method : drawWidget / drawWidgets

Mandatory Options

There are no mandatory options for this widget.

Optional Options

Any GeoExt.MapPanel and OpenLayers.Map properties that have String, Numeric or Boolean values are valid options for this widget. Those that would need to have other values, for example Array, Objects, HashTables, etc. have conterpart options using string values in order to set them :

centerString:(String) Center string separated by ‘,’. Used to set the GeoExt.MapPanel center property. Can be use in combinaison with the zoom option for initial map centering purpose.
 (String) The display projection to use for the map. Used to set the OpenLayers.Map displayProjection property. Value example : ‘EPSG:4326’
extentString:(String) Extent string separated by ‘,’. Used to set the GeoExt.MapPanel extent property. Used for initial map centering purpose.
 (String) The projection to use for the map. Used to set the OpenLayers.Map projection property. Value example : ‘EPSG:900913’
 (String) Extent string separated by ‘,’. Used to set the OpenLayers.Map maxExtent property.
 (String) The resolution list seperated by ‘,’. Used to set the OpenLayers.Map resolutions property.
scalesString:(String) The scale list separated by ‘,’. Used to set the OpenLayers.Map scales property.

Among those that use official OpenLayers.Map or GeoExt.MapPanel properties, here are the most commonly used ones :

title:(String) Sets the title for the MapPanel. Supports i18n (internationalization).
zoom:(Integer) Sets the zoom property of the MapPanel. Requires the centerString option set.

Here’s the widget-specific options :


(String) Defaults to “GeoPrisma”. Can be used to set the page <title> tag value. Requires the replacement of the <title> tag by a <xsl:call-template> tag as demonstrated below. This option supports i18n (internationalization) value.

    <xsl:call-template name="mappanel:printPageTitle" />
    <!-- body content -->

(Boolean) Defaults to false. Whether the default Navigation control, which is always active, should use the ‘box’ handler or not. Enabling this can sometime results in handler incompatibility since it uses the “shift” key.

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