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This is the widget that creates the OpenLayers.Layer objets. It must be linked the a resource in order to do so. For each resource linked to a Layer widget, the according OpenLayers.Layer objects are created and added to the map depending on its available DataStores and Services it’s linked to.


Must be used with the MapPanel widget.


It replaces and deprecates the Map widget.

XML Sample

Sample configuration.


How to ‘draw’ the widget

You don’t need to draw this widget. The layers it creates are automatically added to the map.

Mandatory Options

There are no mandatory options for this widget.

Optional Options

Any OpenLayers.Layer or OpenLayers.Layer.**[ANYCLASS]** properties and OpenLayers.Layer ‘param’ properties that have String, Numeric or Boolean values are valid options for this widget. Those that would need to have other values, for example Array, Objects, HashTables, etc. have conterpart options using string values in order to set them :

cluster:(Boolean) If set to true, add a OpenLayers.Strategy.Cluster object to the ‘strategies’ option. Only useful for OpenLayers.Layer.Vector objects.
 (String) The projection to use for the layer. Used to set the OpenLayers.Layer projection property. Value example : ‘EPSG:900913’
tileSizeString:(String) The tile size separated by ‘,’. Used to set the OpenLayers.Layer.Grid (WMS) tileSize property.

Most commonly used

type:(String) Used by ‘TMS’ layers. The format extension corresponding to the requested tile image type.
geometryName:(String) Used by the ‘WFS’ layers to set the ‘geometryName’ property of the OpenLayers.Protocol.WFS.


servicetype:(String) Possible values are : “wms”, “tilecache”, “featureserver” and “gymo”. If set, only the layers of the according service type will be created by the widget. If not set, all layers of all service types the resource has are created (default behavior).
group:(String) The group the created layers are member of. You can define sub groups by adding “/” characters between groups. For example : “group/subgroup”. This option is used by the GeoExtux_LayerTreeBuilder widget.

Resource Options

noLayer:(Boolean) If set to true, then no layer will be created for the resource regardless of the layer widgets linked to it.

Service Type


Widget Action


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