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Configuration of GeoPrisma


GeoPrisma needs the following libraries :

  • libxslt-lib
  • curl-lib
  • gettext-lib
  • translate-toolkit

The core of GeoPrisma needs PHP 5.2+ (tested on PHP 5.2.8) with the following extensions :

  • xsl
  • curl
  • gettext
  • mbstring

If you wish to use pgsql with PDO as your ACL driver, PHP must be installed with :


The Magic Quotes must also be disabled. If you’re using Apache, setting the following config to Off does the trick :

magic_quotes_gpc = Off

To help you know if you have all the above prerequistes installed and running in your system, GeoPrisma has it’s own “php-info.php“-like file. Its locations differs depending of the version you use :

  • If you’re using trunk, it’s the gp-info.php file in the root directory.
  • If you’re using a release package, it’s the index.php in the root directory.

With these elements installed and running, you’ll be able to view the samples. If you wish to create your own samples or start a new project, you’ll need to have the following components installed with all their own prerequistes :

Each one of these components is called a Service in GeoPrisma.


If you wish to use the i18n support in GeoPrisma, your need to configure locales in your system.

For example, in Linux, to check the locales installed :

locale -a

Add any missing language by executing the following command then restart apache (french is this example) :

sudo apt-get install language-pack-fr-base


  1. Download GeoPrisma.
  2. Put GeoPrisma directory in a web-visible directory.
  3. Fill the Prerequistes
  4. View the GeoPrisma directory from a browser.

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Extension points

GeoPrisma provides extension points to facilitate customization.

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