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This widget is directly taken from the GeoExt.ux eXtensions. Basically, it’s a textbox where the user can input anything, like City name, Countries, Street names, etc. While the text is entered, a request is sent to an external (public) database and GeoReferenced results are displayed in a list. Clicking on any result recenters the map to its location.

XML Sample

Sample configuration with no options.


Sample configuration with one option

    <zoom>10</zoom> <!-- optional -->

How to ‘draw’ the widget

Currently, the widget can only be added to the GeoExtToolbar widget. To be able to do so, it must be added to the widget list, in the xml config :


Mandatory Options

There are no mandatory options for this widget.

Optional Options

All the possibles options are defined in the GeoNamesSearchCombo.js file. Here’s the most important ones :

width:The width of the textbox
listWidth:The width of the list
loadingText:The text to display while loading
emptyText:The text shown when no in focus
zoom:The zoom level to zoom to when recentering.
minChars:The minimum number of characters requiered to send a query

Service Type


Widget Action


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