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Use the Ext.ux.FileTreePanel widget to build a ‘tree’ of files. Each file related to a resource that has a datastore linked to a ‘file’ service. The datastore can point to a file directly or a folder, thus allowing all files of that folder to be read.

On load, the widget lunches a query to get the root of the service. Each resources the user have access to that have the according datastore linked to this service will be fetched and added to the tree.

XML FileTreePanel

FileTreePanel configuration


How to ‘draw’ the widget

This widget must be drawn using the drawWidgets method : drawWidget / drawWidgets

Mandatory Options

servicename:(String) The name of the FileService to use with this widget.

Optional Options

This widget supports any options you could set to a Ext.ux.FileTreePanel widget. Here’s the most commonly used ones :


(String) Defaults to ‘single’. Can be either ‘single’ or ‘double’. The number of click required to download a file.


(Boolean) Defaults to false. If set, enables the creation of new folders feature.


(Boolean) Defaults to false. If set, enables the uploading new files feature.


This options requires you to include the

Ext.ux.form.FileUploadField in your template file. It is not added in the printWidgetSource template.


(Integer) Defaults to 524288. Specifies the max file size directive in the HTML form used when uploading files. Only used when enableUpload is set.


Consider setting up the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini as well.


(String) Defaults to the widget ‘i18n_panel_title’ traduction string. Sets the widget panel title. This option supports i18n (internationalization).

Service Type


Widget Action

  • read
  • create

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