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Use the OpenLayers.Control.ModifyFeature control to allow copy/pasting vector features on the map on a specific resource.


Must be added to a GeoExtToolbar widget.

XML Sample

Sample configuration of the widget :


Mandatory Options


Optional Options

offset:(String) The X,Y offset in pixel units the copied feature should be moved from its original. Two integer comma-separated values, first for X second for Y. Negative X means “to the left”. Negative Y means “to the bottom”. Example : -33,47, means : “33 pixels to the left and 47 pixels to the top”.
toggleEdit:(Boolean) Defaults to false. Only usable if an EditFeature_Update widget is linked to the same resource of this widget. If set to true, on feature drag complete, won’t commit the changes. Delegate the feature to the update control instead.

Resource options

copyFieldList:(String) A comma-separated list of resource field names. When a feature is copied, if this option is not set (default), then all resource fields are copied. If set to blank, then no fields are copied, else only the defined fields are copied.

Resource Options

selectorMethod:(String) Only used if this widget has no ‘featurepanel’ option set. After inserting a single feature, open a window containing what this method returns.
 (Integer) If set, defines the height of the window opened after a single insert. Only used when “selectorMethod” resource option is set.
 (Integer) If set, defines the width of the window opened after a single insert. Only used when “selectorMethod” resource option is set.

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