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This widget is directly taken from the GeoExt.ux eXtensions. Basically, it’s a combobox populated from a specific object manually defined.


This widget is experimental. Its source file comes from a sandbox (not official).

XML Sample

Sample configuration.


How to ‘draw’ the widget

Can be added inside a geoexttoolbar or inside a panel using the drawWidgets method.

Inside a toolbar :


Using drawWidgets (only, drawWidget is not supported by this widget), see : drawWidget / drawWidgets

Mandatory Options

title:The title to display when no element is selected in the list and also as the title of the list.
store:The variable name of the Ext.ux.Store object. The javascript file containing the defined object must be included in the template.
bboxField:The field name inside the store containing the geometry.
bboxSrs:The EPSG:XXXX value of the geometry inside the store.

Optional Options

There are no optional options for this widget.

Service Type


Widget Action


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