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Widget that displays features inside a vector layer.

The following widgets can use it (using the <result> tag) :


Only features with geometry are added to the layer. If using WMSGetFeatureInfo requests, be sure to setup your server in order to have the geometry included in the features.

XML Sample

Sample configuration. Not defining a ‘vectorlayer’ option lets the widget creates its own OpenLayer.Layer.Vector layer.

  <options />

Sample configuration, with a ‘vectorlayer’ option defined, which makes the widget use the VectorLayer widget’s OpenLayer.Layer.Vector instead of creating one.


drawWidget Sample

This widget doesn’t need to be drawn.

Mandatory Options


Optional Options

vectorlayer:(String) The name of the VectorLayer widget to use its defined OpenLayers.Layer.Vector instead of letting this widget creating its own.
singleMode:(Boolean) Defaults to false. When set to true, the first valid feature added to the layer that is linked to a resource will set the ‘singleResource’ property equal to the feature’s resource, which means that from there on, only features (inside the remaining query results) of this specific resource will be added to the layer. The ‘singleResource’ property get automatically reseted if a new query is made that was not in ‘multiple’ mode (see QueryOnClick ‘multipleKey’ option).

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