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Widget that create a window containing a web page.


Does not work with cross domain pages.

XML Sample


How to ‘draw’ the widget

This widget must be drawn inside a GeoExtToolbar widget :


Mandatory Options

width:(Integer) Width of the window.
height:(Integer) Height of the window.

Optional Options

formurl:(String) Relative or absolute URL to the page. Mandatory if ‘formmethod’ is is undefined.
formmethod:(String) The reference to a custom function returning a new instance of an Ext.Container. Mandatory if ‘formurl’ is undefined.
modal:(Boolean) Defaults to false. Whether the Ext.Window should be shown as ‘modal’ or not.
iconcls:(String) An alternative class name for the icon image. The class name should also be defined in a .css file.
tooltip:(String) The tooltip to display when hovering the button.
id:(String) The id string to use for the Ext.Window object created.
text:(String) The text to display next in the Ext.Button created and as title for the Ext.Window.
collapsible:(Boolean) Defaults to false. Whether the Ext.Window should be ‘collapsible’ or not.

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