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This widget is directly taken from the GeoExt.ux eXtensions. It’s a button added to the toolbar that, on click, pops a window that contains a combobox of projection, X and Y textfields to input coordinates and a “zoom” button that, when clicked, recenters the map to the inputed location using the selected projection.

When choosing an other projection from the list, if the X and Y textfields contain coordinates, they will be reprojected in the newly selected projection.


For each ‘projection’ option set, this widget will automatically load the according file of the same name from the proj4js library located in the $GP_ROOT/lib/client/proj4js/lib/defs/ directory.

A projection file must be named as its original name minus the semi-colons, for example : EPSG:32198 must be named EPSG32198.js.


This widget should be included only once.

XML Sample

Sample configuration.


How to ‘draw’ the widget

This widget must be drawn inside a GeoExtToolbar widget :


Mandatory Options

There are no mandatory options for this widget.


In order for this widget to work properly, all layer widgets must have a projectionString option set.

Optional Options


Contains projection nodes.


The projection code to add. Requires proj4js and its unique projection file (see in description above)


If none is set, then EPSG:4326 and EPSG:900913 are used by default. They don’t required proj4js since they are already included in the OpenLayers library.


(Integer) The level to zoom to when zooming. If not defined, the map gets recentered only (not zoomed).


(Boolean) Defaults to true. Hides the popup after zooming or not.


(Boolean) Defaults to false. Whether to display the coordinates in regular order (lonlat) or reversed (latlon).


(Boolean) Defaults to true. Shows a + marker on center of the map after zooming or not.


(Boolean) Defaults to true. Whether use an icon for the button (true) or text (false).


(Boolean) Defaults to true. Whether automaticaly load the Proj4js library or include them manually (false). You need to define the projections/projection parameter if it set to false.


(Boolean) Defaults to false. Requires showCenter option set. If set, the center marker can be dragged around, which updates the coordinates displayed in the popup.

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