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Add a navigation Ext.Toolbar to the UI. OpenLayers controls are added to the toolbar using GeoExt.Action. It contains the following controls by default :

  • Zoom to maximum map extent
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Navigation
  • Last extent
  • Next extent

Beside the default buttons, it’s possible to add other button in the toolbar by using the <widgets> node in the <options> node.


This widget must be added to the first widgets of the first resource or else it won’t be drawn. It is a bug that should be corrected in future releases.


This widget must be defined only once.


This widget deprecates the original Toolbar widget (which comes from the MapFish API).


This widget only works with ExtJS 3.0.0 or higher.

XML Sample

Sample configuration of a toolbar with no widgets added.


Toolbar with more widgets added.


Toolbar using a separator.


Toolbar with custom controls.

    <widgets />

drawWidgets Sample

The toolbar widget must be drawn inside the GeoExt.MapPanel object. Here’s an example :

oMyMapPanel = {
    id: 'gpDefaultMap',
    xtype: 'gx_mappanel',
    title: 'Map',
    layout: 'fit',
    region: 'center',
    border: false,
    height: 800,
    width: 800,
    <xsl:call-template name="geoexttoolbar:drawWidgets"/>
    map: oMap


The call-template must not be used as the last item since it outputs a ‘,’.

Here’s an output example : tbar: objGPWidgetW_MyToolbar,

Mandatory Options


Optional Options


Contains <widget> tags


Must be in the <widgets> tag. Name of a widget to add in the toolbar. It can also have “GeoPrisma-specific” values such as :

  • ‘__separator__’ : to have a separator between the

    widgets defined.

  • ‘__editfeature__’ : to draw the editfeature widgets at

    this location in the toolbar


Can have an integer value or false. Default is 100 if not set. If set, only one zoom event will be performed after the delay when the Navigation control is active.


Contains <control> tags. If not defined, the default controls are automatically added to the toolbar, in a predefined order.


Must be in the <controls> tag. Add a specific control to the toolbar. The order of the <control> tags determines the order they are added in the toolbar. Possible values are (Case sensitive):

  • Separator, add a separator
  • ZoomMax, add a ZoomToMaxExtent control
  • ZoomIn, add a ZoomIn control
  • ZoomOut, add a ZoomOut control
  • Pan, add a Navigation control. Is automatically added if not defined.
  • History, add a NavigationHistory control with both back and next buttons.


each control must appear only once.


(Boolean) Defaults to true. Whether a separator should be added between editfeature widgets from different resources.


The old widgets/separator option has been replaced by widgets/widget with value equal to __separator__. The old method is no longer supported.

Service Type


Widget Action


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