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For interoperability with other systems it is interesting to have the possibility to use dynamic values in the xml configuration file.

For example: One system is used to create a new feature with passes an attibute proprety in the url.

To allow this kind of interoperability it is possible to replace a fixed value in some xml nodes with a special <getValueFrom> tag that allows to get a value from any php variable table.


<!-- fixed option -->

<!-- dynamique value -->
    <getValueFrom>$_POST[firstname] $_POST[lastname]</getValueFrom>
    <getValueFrom>He is now" . date() . "</getValueFrom>


The values set in getValueFrom tag are put into a string and are evaluated with the ‘eval’ php function.

Php code can then be used to return the desired value dynamically.

P.S : All widgets that use nodes loaded with getObjectFromNode are automatically compatible with getValueFrom (e.g. featurepanel_form fields)


  • Use ‘getValueFrom’ with the stylemap option of the map widget to colorize features with a attribute value equal to that passed along in the url.

                                    <getValueFrom>$_REQUEST[id]</getValueFrom>   <!-- <<<<<<<<<<<<< Here <<<<<<<<<<<<  -->
  • Use ‘getValueFrom’ with the ‘editfeature_create’ and ‘featurepanel_form’ widgets to add features with an attribute value obtained from the url.

                    <en_US>Dumping Site</en_US>
                    <fr_CA>Site de déversement</fr_CA>
                        <getValueFrom>$_REQUEST[id]</getValueFrom>  <!-- <<<<<<<<<<<<< Here <<<<<<<<<<<<  -->

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